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Avoid Coronavirus-related Scams

Scammers will take advantage of any opportunity to separate you from your money or personal information, and the current coronavirus pandemic is no exception. Here are some tips from the Federal Trade Commission to avoid being scammed.

  • Don’t respond to texts, emails or calls about checks from the government. The IRS is working on an app which will allow you to track your stimulus check, but as of this writing (4/13/20) it is not yet available.

  • Ignore online offers for vaccinations and home test kits. There are no products proven to treat or prevent COVID-19 at this time.

  • Hang up on robocalls. Scammers are using illegal robocalls to pitch everything from low-priced health insurance to work-at-home schemes. If you have an iPhone, there is a setting which will block calls from anyone not in your contact list. Here is an article showing you how to do this.

  • Watch for emails claiming to be from the CDC or WHO. Use sites like and to get the latest information. And don’t click on links from sources you don’t know.

  • Do your homework when it comes to donations. Never donate in cash, by gift card, or by wiring money.


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