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Designers are Over These 2010s Trends

Paint firm Sherwin-Williams surveyed over 700 professional interior designers to discover three major trends that we need to leave in the last decade.

1. Macrame

When asked what their least favorite design trend from the last decade, 22% chose this rope-weaving art. Revived from the 1970s for its bohemian appeal, the trend is fading fast.

2. All-gray interiors

Tired of beige as a go-to neutral, designers moved toward gray as a replacement. But perhaps it was too much of a good thing. Gray is no longer the top neutral. 19% of designers said that all-gray interiors need to go away.

3. Shiplap

Although the HGTV hit show Fixer Upper made shiplap's popularity soar, designers are shifting focus away from modern farmhouse style, with 13% ditching shiplap. Sorry, Joanna Gaines.

So what did designers suggest instead?

"In my opinion, a well-designed space incorporates highs and lows, contrast, and mixes both tones and textures.” – Joy Lynskey, Jewel Toned Interiors

“Don't get me wrong, I love neutrals, but we have seen enough neutral designs. I'm ready to introduce more color, patterns and drama back into well-designed spaces.” – Michelle Thomas, Michelle Thomas Designs

“I think we’re tired of design trends in general … It’s time to throw away trends and create spaces that speak to the individual. That’s why we love paint. You can get really personal with your color choices, moving beyond boring white walls to evocative colorful spaces in shades like pale pink, lilac, deep blue and more.” – Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason, AphroChic

Source: "Designers say buh-bye to trends of the 2010s," Sherwin-Williams, 2020


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