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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell: Curb Appeal

We’ve all heard the term “curb appeal.” It refers to the attractiveness of your home from the street. Does your home have it?

1. The Mailbox

We don’t pay much attention to our mailboxes – we just reach in and pull out the mail. But take a critical look at your mailbox. Does it need to be painted? Are the

numbers attached securely or are they falling off? Is the post crooked? Fixing these little things will make your home look well cared for.

2. Front Lawn

Keep the front lawn mowed, edged, and as weed-free as possible. You don’t need to hire an expensive lawn service – there are plenty of websites out there that can guide you in taking the best care of your lawn. If you live in Georgia, I recommend Walter Reeves even has a lawn care calendar on his website that will help you keep your lawn in tip-top shape.

3. Bushes, Shrubs, and Other Landscaping

Keep any other landscaping neatly trimmed. Remove plants that are past their prime. Add fresh mulch if needed.

4. The Home’s Exterior

Look at your home’s exterior with an analytical eye. Does it need paint? Are there fascia boards that need replacing? Could it use a professional pressure washing? Are there broken or fogged panes of glass in the windows to be fixed?

5. The Driveway

Keep your driveway swept and debris-free. Consider renting a pressure washer to remove any stains in the concrete.

Photo by Jesse Roberts on Unsplash


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