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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell: Make the interior shine

Make your home attractive to as many buyers as possible by showing off the best features of every room. Here are some important things to remember.

1. Remove family photos and personal knickknacks. Any artwork should be fairly generic – landscapes, florals, abstract works, etc.

2. Declutter your closets. Buyers will look in your closets to check out how much space is available for storage. Make sure your closets are neat and organized. Remove unnecessary items such as out-of-season clothing to make closets appear spacious. This applies to laundry rooms too. (Hint: You can toss things into your washer and dryer if you’re in a big hurry!)

3. Tidy up your kitchen counters. Put away things like seldom used appliances, extra cookbooks, candy and fruit dishes, and dish drainers. Maximize your counter space! (Hint: The oven is a great place to stash items before a showing. Buyers rarely open them!)

4. Uncover your windows. Remove dated, heavy drapes or valances if you have them. Raise the blinds. A simple iron curtain rod with lightweight, neutral curtains pulled to the side is an attractive way to decorate and still allow natural light in.

5. Wipe down baseboards and trim to remove collected dust. Go over every corner and light fixture with a wool duster to clean up any cobwebs or spider webs. Pay attention to stair spindles – they are great dust collectors too!

6. Clean hardwood floors and carpets. If carpets are stained or smelly, have them professionally cleaned.

Finally, follow any specific recommendations given by your Realtor. An experienced agent knows what works!

Photo by Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash


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