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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell: The Entry – First Impressions

Walk in your front door and stop for a minute. Take a look around. What will the buyer’s experience be when they first walk in?

1. Declutter

Remove anything in sight that might be considered clutter by a poten

tial buyer. This includes excessive knick-knacks, personal photos, coats, shoes, backpacks, or other unnecessary items.

2. Clean

As with the exterior entrance, make sure the interior entrance is clean and free from dust and cobwebs.

3. Lighting

Make sure any light fixtures are working properly and have no missing or burnt-out bulbs.

4. Scents

The commercials are correct – we often go “nose blind” to the smell of our own home. Have a friend come over and give you an honest assessment of what your home really smells like! Clean up anything that is producing unpleasant aromas. You can place fresh smelling candles in strategic areas to give your home an inviting feeling. I recommend citrus scents like lime, lemon, or orange that are pleasant to most people.

Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash


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