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Make Working from Home Work for You

With the spread of the Corona virus, many companies are either allowing or asking employees to work from home. We've been working from home for years and have learned a few things along the way, so here are some tips for successful telecommuting.

1. Maintain regular hours. Although it’s tempting to sleep in or work late into the night, you’ll probably be most productive if you stick to your regular routine.

2. Prepare for your day as you normally would. Shower. Brush your teeth. Get dressed. Otherwise, you may feel like it’s a vacation day and feel less motivated to work.

3. Find a distraction-free spot. Working from the kitchen table or in front of the TV is usually not a great idea.

4. Take breaks. It’s very easy to stay in front of the computer all day while working from home. Take stretch breaks or even go for a quick walk to get your energy up.

5. Call rather than email co-workers to combat loneliness. Pick up the phone if you have something to discuss. You’ll both appreciate the person-to-person contact.

6. Understand your employer's expectations. Is your employer expecting you to work regular hours, or are they willing to be flexible? Can 100% of your job be performed remotely? If not, make sure productivity expectations are clear.

Good luck!


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